1. CamRip
It is a copy made in a cinema using a camcorder or mobile phone. The sound source is the camera microphone. Cam rips can quickly appear online after the first preview or premiere of the film. The quality ranges from terrible to very good, depending on the group of persons performing the recording and the resolution of the camera used. The main disadvantage of this is the sound quality. The microphone does not only record the sound from the movie, but also the background sound in the cinema. The camera can also record movements and audio of the audience in the theater, for instance, when someone stands up in frontof the screen, or when the audience laughs at a funny moment in the movie.
2. TS
A copy was shot in an empty cinema OR from the projection booth with a professional camera and directly connectedto the sound source. The professional camera source is then synchronized with audio source fed directly from the cinema'ssound system.
3. PDVDRip
PDVDRip, also known as Pre-DVD, It is the Low quality CAM/TS releases put on a DVD and sold on the streets, which are ripped by some release groups and released as PDVD-rips.[NOTE: PDVDRip and DVDRip are different quality]
4. DVDScr
These are early DVD or BD releases of the theatrical version of a film, typically sent tomovie reviewers, Academy members, and executives for review purposes. DVDSCR arenormally of only slightly lower quality thana retail DVDRip
5. VODRip
VODRip stands for Video-On-Demand Rip. This can be done by recording or capturing a video/movie from a cable or satellite TV service. Some people use screen cams whicheffectively record, like a video camera, what is on a certain part of the computer screen, but does so internally, making the quality not of HD quality, but nevertheless significantly better than a Cam or Telesync version filmed from a cinema, TV or computer screen.
7. R5
The R5 is a retail DVD from region 5. Region 5 consists of the Indian subcontinent, Africa, North Korea, Russia and Mongolia. R5 releases differ from normal releases in that they are a direct transfer of the film without any of the image processing. If the DVD does not contain an English-language audio track, the R5 video is synced to a previously released English audio track. This means that the sound often is not as good as DVD-Rips.
8. DVDRip
A final retail version of a film. Considered as 1 of the best Quality. [NOTE: PDVDRip andDVDRip are different quality]
A final retail version of a film in DVD format, generally a complete copy from the original DVD. It contains the part of the movie which were removed from the DVDRip. A complete Untouched Rip with quality same as DVDRip.
10. HDTV
HDTV Rips often come from Over-the-Air transmissions. It is the HD recoding of the movie displayed on TV by a cable or satellite TV service. With an HDTV source, the quality can sometimes even surpass DVD.
11. HDRip
HD Rips are the movie in HD Quality. There are various source for HD Rips
12. BRRip
Similar to DVDRip, only the source is a BluRay Disc. BRRip is encoded from a pre-release of BluRay source.
13. BDRip
Similar to DVDRip, only the source is a BluRay Disc. BDRip comes directly from the BluRay source.
14. Bluray
BluRay is the ultimate best Quality. BluRay is the final source of movies, No other quality is released after BluRay.
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